7 Facts About Speaking in Tongues

A seven point historic portrait on the christian doctrine of speaking in tongues. The conclusions have been derived from the Gift of Tongues Project. A research work that has a fourfold aim of locating, digitizing, translating source texts and tracing perceptions from inception to modern times.

These seven points may change if any new documents arise with important new clues.

Click on any of the conclusions for more documentation.

The goal of tracing the perceptions of tongues through the centuries may not necessarily align with the actual realities that surrounds the events. The realities are up to the reader to decide. Go to the The Gift of Tongues Project for the source information.

This is only a general summation. There are many more details and movements at the above link.

*7 does not have a clickable link because no documented study has been found.

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  1. Regarding point 7. While documentation is not easy to achieve, I, personally, talked to 2 children using a level of Spanish WAY advanced to what I or Charlotte knew when volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico in 1988. The two boys understood what I was saying perfectly, even if I did not, and one of them was reduced to tears that God would love him so much. So, while I have never, or seek to, use a personal prayer language. I believe biblical speaking in tongues, under the power of the Holy Spirit, can take place as He wishes. Keep up the good work.


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