Last updated on November 9th, 2018 at 01:16 am only collects basic information from visitors who visit this website.

This blog uses a limited set of cookies. Primarily user data from Google Analytics to track user habits. The use of Google Analytics is restricted to country of origin, time of day, views, duration, and type of device. Specific options such as gender and age, etc. have not been turned on. The site also uses the AddThis cookie to assist user experience going forwards and backwards throughout the website and keeps a consistent page count. Another cookie is set by Cloudflare, the CDN used by this site. Cloudflare does this as part of their website security feature, ensuring that you are a legitimate user. WordPress, the presentation engine behind this website, will set a cookie if you leave a comment.

One cookie is accidentally set and useless; Mint Unique. This relates to an old Statistics program that the vendor, Mint Statistics, is no longer producing or selling. Neither is it presently used on this site. Once I find out how to delete it, it will be removed.

The server log does contain further information about visitors but is not used for tracking users. However, these logs are periodically examined to look for rogue web crawlers, hackers, and fine-tuning. If the server is potentially compromised, either Charles A. Sullivan or the host company that leases space for this website has the right to access the data for corrective purposes.

Responses posted to the comments section are considered perpetual on the website unless the original author requests withdrawal. The subscriber list contains more personal information. The purpose of the Subscribers list is to inform readers of new materials or thoughts relating to the aims of the website. Members of the subscriber list will not be sold, rented, or in any other form, used outside of

Charles Sullivan is a researcher and writer who is perpetually curious about the history of ideas and concepts. He is an avid reader of Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic texts; intrigued on the connections between the Christian and the supernatural, and issues where faith and society intersect.