Christian Calendar System

A journey into finding out what year Christ was born.

In reality, it is about the politics and history of the Western calendar system.

What Year was Christ Born?

An introduction to the Christian calendar system, the problems and its history.

Dionysius Exiguus and the AD Calendar System

A brief look into the life, texts and history of the founder of the AD acronym and the beginnings of our present calendar system.

The Birth-Year of Christ and the History of Calendars: the Regnal System

The history and problems of the ancient regnal calendar system especially in relation to the birth of Christ.

A Chronology of the Herods

Graphing various historical documents on the lives of the Herods to determine the actual birth-year of Christ.

The Olympiad Calendar and the Birth Year of Christ.

Understanding the Olympiad calendar system and its relation to the birth year of Christ.

The Venerable Bede and the Problem of 1 A.D.

Discovering and Understanding Bede’s Timetables and And How they affect our Modern Calendar System.

The Adamic Calendar and the Life of Christ

Understanding the Adamic Calendar and how it relates to the life of Christ.

Does Eusebius Give a Date for the Creation in His Chronicle

Eusebius on the Creation year by Roger Pearse.

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