Gift of Tongues Quiz

How well do you know the history of speaking in tongues?

This doctrine has a rich and diverse history over a two thousand year period. The first test covers the last 500 years of this practice and doctrine, while the second goes way back to the earlier centuries of the church.

Gift of Tongues Quiz

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How did you do? The results are not collected by this website. Those who have personally replied to this test average around 35%.

If you want to learn how these questions were developed and substantiated, see the Gift of Tongues Project for more information. This project has a fourfold goal of collating, digitizing, translating, and analyzing source texts over the last 2000 years.

Charles Sullivan is a researcher and writer on topics of textual criticism, linguistics, theology, Christian mysticism and philosophy. He also frequently likes to delve into contemporary social and ethical issues from a faith perspective.

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