Gift of Tongues Quiz

How well do you know the history of speaking in tongues?
This doctrine has a rich and diverse history over a two thousand year period. The first test covers the last 500 years of this practice and doctrine, while the second goes way back to the earlier centuries of the church.
gift of tongues quiz
Click here to take the test: The Gift of Tongues Quiz.
How did you do? The average score so far is 96.25 out of a possible 375 points.
If you want to learn how these questions were developed and substantiated, see the Gift of Tongues Project for more information. This project has a fourfold goal of collating, digitizing, translating, and analyzing source texts over the last 2000 years.
FYI: the results are anonymous and saved into a Google database. No other information is collected.

4 thoughts on “Gift of Tongues Quiz”

  1. This website and quiz is about history of speaking in tonques. My percentage was 45.
    All you need to know about speaking in tonques is written in the Bible, Gods Word.
    You need to be baptized in the Spirit, so He can give you the words to speak.
    In the church it is a gift that the Spirit will work individually as far as needed for edification. Personally it is a prayer language to thank and worship God, for intercession, for building up your most holy faith and to keep yourself in the love of God. Be blessed. God loves you all. He died for you on the cross. He wants to have a personal relation with you. That is possible when you believe in Him and what He did for you. Call upon the Name of the Lord and you will be saved. God bless you. 🙂

  2. I have found that my mind’s struggle to understand God is what blocks my relationship with God. Understanding is not Faith.
    I’ve found that when I pray in tongues it confounds my mind. God in my heart says to Satan in my mind “Be still and know (not understand) that I am God.”
    Tongues is the Lord’s gift to silence our thoughts long enough for our hearts to connect with the Holy Spirit. Isn’t God amazing!


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