The Primary Discovery about Tongues

The biggest lesson I learned studying the Christian doctrine of tongues in a 90 second video.

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Here is the transcript:

“What Is the greatest lesson I learned from studying the Christian doctrine of tongues? The central story is our ignorance of historical literature.

For example, it is a myth that the Church was silent about tongues for almost two thousand years. The historical literature from the early Church to the Reformation shows the opposite. There were controversies, tongues-events, politics, rivalries, and liturgies based on this doctrine. Sadly, we hardly know about these accounts.

You see, only twenty percent of the ancient Christian records are available in English. Most of those twenty percent are abridged, condensed, or in century-old English prose. The more up-to-date translations are expensive, and only specialized libraries contain them.

The other eighty percent remain in their original language. Some have critical information. The inclusion of Ephraim, Gregory of Nazianzus, sermons by Augustine, the Alexandrian Church writings, and many, many more have been waiting for English readers to discover. Their omission appears as an intellectual crime.

If scholars at the turn of the twentieth century had easy access to the source texts, which they did not, and early Pentecostal leaders had read these ancient writers in English, the tongues debate would be a different story today.”

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