A Response to Pentecostal Criticism

A two minute address to Pentecostals, Charismatics, Catholic Charismatics and the like who claim the Gift of Tongues Project and book series are a veiled attack against them.

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Here is the transcript:


There is a feeling that I am out to discredit Pentecostals and Charismatics with my study results and this is my response.

I am Charles Sullivan, blogger for the Gift of Tongues Project, the largest online repository on the subject, and co-author of the book series: Speaking in Tongues: a Critical Historical Examination.

I came into this study hoping to reinforce the Charismatic narrative of tongues. It was also where I could use my ancient language reading skills. Perhaps, maybe perhaps, I have the gift of tongues but in an odd way: reading and analyzing old and dead ones.

There is a deep appreciation and respect for the Spirit-led movement in this work. It is, along with labour unions, one of the few that supports the marginalized, disenfranchised, and working class. It is a place where a network of friendships abound and a resource for personal growth and support.

After reviewing the ancient texts, I found that history had a different story about tongues. There are no historical antecedents for tongues as a divine prayer language before the early 1900s. The miraculous ability to speak or hear a foreign language aligns with Church history and practice. You may ask, have I ever heard someone miraculously speak or hear a foreign language? My answer is no, but the possibility exists.

Speaking in tongues as a heavenly or private prayer language was a wrong turn over 100 years ago. The core message of love and acceptance will further increase if this correction occurs.


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