An analysis of Gregory of Nyssa on speaking in tongues

Gregory of Nyssa on divine speech, human languages, and Pentecost. Gregory of Nyssa, along with Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, and Gregory Nazianzus, set the framework for the christian doctrine of tongues from the fourth-century and onwards. Although there are other narratives during this period such as John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria, Cyril of Jerusalem, and … Read more

Fifth-Century Basil of Seleucia on Pentecost

This is part of the series of speaking in tongues according to the ancient church writers. The focus here is an English translation of one of Basil of Seleucia’s homilies on Pentecost. Basil of Seleucia was the bishop of a region titled, Seleucia in Isauria – today a south central Turkish coastal town known as Silifke.

No commentary is provided here. The reader is to decide his understanding of Pentecost from the English translation provided below.

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