Film Review: God Loves Uganda

God Loves Uganda Cover

God Loves Uganda — a faulty premise that neglects important details and falls for grandiose stereotyping.

This documentary film by the acclaimed director Roger Ross Williams is a story about the complex mix of homosexuality, faith and politics in Uganda. He sees it as religious fanaticism stoking the flames of hatred and forcefully blames the influence of American evangelicals as the root cause of Ugandan

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In Search of Utopia

Burabod shoreline

Discovering what utopia means in one of the most unlikely places — a remote island in the central Philippines.

The 1982 New Year’s Eve festivity was well under preparation for the young people on a small barangay beside the city of Biliran called Burabod. The teenagers and a few young adults have dressed up for the occasion — or at least prettied what little clothing they had.


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Charles Parham on Speaking in Tongues

Last updated on August 11th, 2018 at 10:20 pm

Discovering what speaking-in-tongues meant to Charles F. Parham.

Charles Fox Parham was a self-appointed itinerant/evangelist in the early 1900s who had an enormous early contribution to the modern tongues movement. It was his teaching and missional emphasis that encouraged a number of his followers, especially Lucy Farrow, and later William Seymour to go to California and be major patrons in the Azusa Street Revival — a movement that

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John of Damascus on Tongues: The Greek Text

The following are snippets from John of Damascus’ Commentary of I Corinthians as it relates to the doctrine of tongues. This is the actual Greek text. John of Damascus lived from 676 to a little after 750 AD.

The digitized edition attempts to follow the formatting supplied by Migne Patrologia Graeca. MPG has Biblical citations italicized but italic in digitized Polytonic Greek is difficult to read so bolded text is utilized instead. Verse numbers do not exist in the

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