A History of Other Tongues in the English Bible infographic

The following infographic was created to describe why other tongues, otherwise known as strange tongues or unknown tongues was added to I Corinthians. The results may surprise many observers — this idiom was an English Bible translation phenomenon that started in the 1500s.

An infographic demonstrating how the other tongues traditions started in the English Bible tradition

For more information and substantiation of the contents provided in the infographic, please go to The Unknown Tongues in the English Bible.

The addition of other tongues in I Corinthians in the 1500s was one of the biggest polemic volleys by the Protestants against the Catholic Church. One must keep in mind that most Pentecostal and Charismatic scholars are aware that the other tongues doctrine is a weak one–tenuous to hold on any occasion. They would not argue against the results. However, the majority of lay persons in these movements are unaware of this history.

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