Praying in tongues, hymns and more: intro

Last updated on November 14th, 2018 at 01:50 am

A detailed look at praying in tongues from a historic Jewish perspective. The results may surprise many readers.

Praying in tongues graphic

When one examines praying in tongues from a Jewish liturgical perspective, the understanding of praying in tongues changes dramatically. The most important finding is that praying in tongues was part of a list of liturgical activities noted by Paul occurring in

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Aquinas on Tongues: the Latin Copy

Thomas Aquinas on the Miracle of Tongues: Latin original copy. For the English translations please go to Thomas Aquinas on the Miracle of Tongues Introductory article and click on any of the applicable links at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the Latin data entry and proof-texting was done by me personally and there may be a slight chance of errors. This is here for convenience. If one is on a critical point, it is best to

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Aquinas on Tongues: Psalm 54:9

A lecture on Psalm 54:9 by Thomas Aquinas which historically connected tongues with the division of languages at Babel.

This translation was done to see if Aquinas adds any parallels to the Penteoostal or Corinthian speaking in tongues. He doesn’t but this translation is included to convince the readers of such a truth.

Lecture on Psalm 54:9

Translated from the Latin text: S. Thomae Opera. Robert Busa, S.I. ed. Fromman-Holzboog. 1980. Vol. 6. 084 RPS ps54 n.9 Pg. 129

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