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A Chrysostom Conundrum

Basil of Seleucia is the author of Homilia in S. Pentecosten as found in Migne Patroligia Graeca, Vol. 64.

Migne has this document listed under a supplementary listing under the Chrysostom authorship. Supplementem Ad S. J. Chrysostom Opera, Homilia in S. Pentecosten1 This document classification would allude to the document being written by Chrysostom with some uncertainty. Perhaps this classification was done in haste by Migne.

Richard W. Bishop wrote a very well researched article called, Homilia in Pentecosten (CPG 6665): A Sermon of Basil of Seleucia for the journal, Sacris Erudiri that covers the authorship problem. All the information provided concludes that Basil of Seleucia is the author.

All references to Basil of Seleucia in the Gift of Tongues Project were previously written with an asterisk, Basil of Seleucia* to denote that the authorship was uncertain. The asterisk has now been removed.