Notes on Translating Ambrosiaster’s Corinthians 12-14

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The Ambrosiaster Manuscript: Notes on the English Translation of I Corinthians Chapters 12-14

The purpose of this translation was to bring background and definition to the gift of tongues sequences in the Ambrosiaster writer(s) commentary on Corinthians.

Because most people are unfamiliar with the Ambrosiaster writings and this is the only known online translation of the I Corinthians work in English, it was imperative to first introduce some notes and then

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The Neo-Tongues Movement: Part 2

This portion of the neo-tongues movement series is aimed exclusively at finding, collating, translating and examining all the writings of the gift of tongues penned by Augustine.

No other 4th century author wrote more on the miracle of tongues than Augustine.

Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, 354-430 AD, ported the neo-tongues tradition similar to that of Gregory Nazianzus and the Greek Fathers to the Latin Church. He is one of the key leaders responsible for making it a universal doctrine.

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Origen on the Doctrine of Tongues

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A critical look at the references and controversies regarding Origen on the christian doctrine of tongues.

This work was produced because there is so much contradictory often even misleading statements concerning Origen’s position. It necessitated a closer look into all the available materials made by Origen on the subject in order to arrive at a definitive conclusion.

Table of Contents

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