The Genealogy of Christ and Other Problems Part 2

Two Manuscripts attributed to Epiphanius on the family of Christ compared.

The fourth century Church father, Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis, wrote an account on the family of Christ that has important information. It contains backgrounds of His mother, Father, family last name, siblings, intermarriage and more. Although it is brief, containing only a few paragraphs, it is an important source of history. However, it is controversial, especially in light of the fact that the text that Epiphanius is quoted from,

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Notes on Ancient Greek Copy and this Website

This site attempts to digitize portions of original manuscripts in their original language. This is designed to help others in their independent study of the doctrine of tongues.

The input of any Greek text is agonizingly scrutinized for accuracy to the original but there are a few caveats:

  • Any Greek text provided on this site is provided as-is. Although hard work has been done, and an established system is in place to address problem areas, errors may still

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Ancient Fonts and Modern Browser Test

An exploration on best practices, and the @font css solution for displaying ancient Greek, Hebrew, and Syriac on the internet.

With unicode fonts now being almost universally entrenched on personal computers, the problem of viewing ancient texts is becoming less and less a problem. It is becoming a choice of which font to choose.

Just a few years ago, websites with ancient texts in old foreign languages required the viewer to download specialized fonts. This always didn’t work and pushed

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