History according to Pentecostals and Charismatics

An overview of how Pentecostals and Charismatics view history. The following four points are gleaned from discussions and readings within these parties.

A History of the Church from a Renewalist perspective

  1. 1 to 100 A.D. The story unfolds. A perception that the Bible is finalized. This period is the golden age of Christianity and sets the standard.

  2. 101 to 1517 A.D. The Church is corrupt and theologically deviant. There is nothing much to write or necessary to know during this period.

  3. 1517 to 1905 A.D. A little better but still very stodgy. However, Edward Irving and the Irvingites in the 1830s and other fringe groups start a small but important restoration of the ancient Christian faith.

  4. 1906 the Azusa Street revival. The golden age of Christianity is restored. Anything from 1 to 100 A.D. and 1906 forward are acceptable teachings. Anything between 101 and 1830 A.D. and most from 1831 to 1905 are not.

This is a grass-roots definition and does not reflect the small number of academic Pentecostal and even smaller number of Charismatics who work hard to educate their constituencies on a proper reading and integration of history within their communities.

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