Notes on Ancient Greek Copy and this Website

This site attempts to digitize portions of original manuscripts in their original language. This is designed to help others in their independent study of the doctrine of tongues.

The input of any Greek text is agonizingly scrutinized for accuracy to the original but there are a few caveats:

  • Any Greek text provided on this site is provided as-is. Although hard work has been done, and an established system is in place to address problem areas, errors may still exist. If the user wishes to use this copy for academic or research purposes, it is always recommended to go the originals that the text is cited from.

  • The Migne Patrologia Graeca source copies are typically used as the base text. These are typically very poor quality reproductions. It is often very difficult to see what the proper diacritical markings are. Sometimes the text is blurry or hard to read and one has to fill in the blanks for the proper letter.

  • Often a better manuscript is used, and is noted either in the footnotes or in the header.

  • There is rarely any attempt on my part to correct whatever error may be contained in the original. Whatever they printed, this is what I followed.

If a reader does find an error please contact me with the details and I will make the proper corrections.

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