Gift of Tongues Quiz

Last updated on October 27th, 2018 at 06:53 pm

How well do you know the history of speaking in tongues?

This doctrine has a rich and diverse history over a two thousand year period. The first test covers the last 500 years of this practice and doctrine, while the second goes way back to the earlier centuries of the church.

gift of tongues quiz

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Pope Benedict XIV on Tongues: the Latin Text

Pope Benedict XIV’s description on the Christian doctrine of tongues in his treatise on canonization and beatification.

Pope Benedict lived from 1675 to 1758 and was considered one of the most intellectually brilliant and open-minded leaders of this time period. His coverage is comprehensive and thorough; a source work and a must-read on the subject. Enclosed is his text in the original Latin.

De Lambertinis Opus De Servorum Dei Beatificatione et Beatorum Canonizatione

As taken from Benedict XIV. De Lambertinis

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Late Medieval People Speaking in Tongues

Introduction to the late-Medieval accounts of Christians speaking in tongues.

Medieval Hagiographa accounts are an important part of the christian narrative and have a special section in the Gift of Tongues Project. The Medieval doctrine of speaking in tongues demonstrate this practice has progressed from the fourth-century. However, Medieval literature is steeped in christian mysticism and often saturated with excessive miracles and witnesses of the supernatural. Many works are good, some bad, and others in between. One has to be

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