St. Paul on the Discerning of spirits

Finding a solution to the mystery phrase coined by St. Paul, the discerning of spirits.

These three words written by Paul have often caught the attention of theologians, Church leaders, and Bible readers for almost two millennia.

What did Paul mean by it? How did later writers and leaders interpret it? And how does it apply to us today? Three questions that beg answers.

Paul wrote this small snippet in I Corinthians 12:10:

ἄλλῳ δὲ ἐνεργήματα δυνάμεων, ἄλλῳ

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A New Kind of Tongues

How the Pentecostal definition of tongues changed in the early 1900s.

The late Assemblies of God teacher, writer, and professor Gary B. McGee wrote a very factual account on the development and evolution of the doctrine of tongues in the Pentecostal movement.

It is called, Shortcut to Language Preparation? Radical Evangelicals, Missions, and the Gift of Tongues.

It is a well researched article with substantiated sources. This is one of the most definitive works found covering the subject

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