Psellos on the Tongues of Pentecost

An English translation of Michael Psellos complex text on the tongues of Pentecost.

Michael Psellos was an eleventh-century Byzantine politician, philosopher, historian, writer and, perhaps at times, a monk. He especially had a fondness for pagan Greek literature, especially that of Plato. His coverage of the tongues of Pentecost combine his Christian faith, Gregory Nazianzus, pagan Greek ecstasy and speech, neoplatonism, and pharmacology. He mixes this all together with his unique writing style which makes translating and reading difficult.

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Donnegan's Greek Dictionary Updated

An updated version of Donnegan’s A New Greek and English Lexicon; Principally on the plan of the Greek and German Lexicon of Schneider is available.

This work has a niche in defining philosophical and platonic Greek words.

This digital file was originally scanned by Google but I have improved it in three ways:

  • An alphabetical index has been added to the file so that it is easier

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