Cyril of Alexandria on Tongues: the Original Texts

The writings related to the tongues of Pentecost and Corinth attributed to Cyril of Alexandria. This is a digitized copy of the Greek text and the parallel Latin translation, when available. The text is mostly derived from Migne Patrologia Graeca and a portion from Cyrilli: Archiepiscopi Alexandrini In D. Joannis Evangelium, edited by Philippus Edvardius Pusey (London: Oxford. 1872).

The following commentaries attributed to Cyril of Alexandria are found to have references to either the tongues of Acts or Corinth: Zephaniah (Sophonias in Latin), Acts and I Corinthians.

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The Purpose of Prayer


A detailed look at the nature and purpose of prayer from a Jewish prayerbook. A definition that sheds any superficiality and uncovers a deep and introspective rite that transforms the soul.

The ArtScroll Siddur contains one of the best definitions of prayer found anywhere. A siddur is a Jewish prayer book that outlines personal and communal prayers for almost any occasion; life, death, loss, birth, success, and everything in-between. It is written from an Orthodox Jewish perspective. The following is an excerpt.

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