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While working on translating some Rashi text, I am amazed at the lack of popular resources in Aramaic studies. Roger Pearce has noted in his blog about Syriac, a close companion to Aramaic, something along the lines that he wished that there were some sort of online conjugator such as Notre Dame’s Latin Words. I echo that sentiment too. contains almost any scholarly link referring to the Bible and the Near East. The link will take you

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Attempts on Translating Rashi and Jewish Aramaic

Rashi, an 11th century French Rabbi, is one of the most important commentators of the Talmud and is central to the contemporary study of it. In fact, some texts of the Talmud are difficult to understand without reference to him.

One would think that his works would be ubiquitous for the English reading audience, but English translations, outside of his commentary of the Torah, are almost non-existent.

This forces curious researchers such as myself to look at texts in

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Introductory Notes on the Gift of Tongues Project

The goal of the Gift of Tongues Project is find as many historic texts on the subject as possible, digitize them, translate, and provide a commentary.

The fourfold purpose of the Gift of Tongues Project:

  1. Identify and collate any ancient literature on the subject

    Large portions of ancient literature on this topic has been ignored, forgotten, or unresearched. This absence has negatively affected this whole subject and has

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The Neo-Tongues Movement Part 1

This article has been deprecated and removed from the site.

The structure relating to the The Gift of Tongues Project has changed significantly since the introduction of this article. This necessitated the contents of the Neo-Tongues Movement be removed.

This is one of a number of changes to fit into the new workflow.

Gregory Nazianzus, a central part of the article, has been moved to its own multi-series, starting with Gregory Nazianzus on the Dogma of Tongues Intro.

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