Philosophy, Theology, and Technology

Where there is language, there always follows religion, philosophy, contemporary literature and more. This section covers these very topics.


Death, Religion and the Modern man

A look at death through modernistic, evangelical religion and philosophical perspectives.

Thomas Aquinas on the Prophet and Imaginary Visions

An etymological journey into what Aquinas meant by imaginarias visiones or typically translated into English as imaginary visions.

Aquinas on Imagination Part 2

A further look into the words associated with Aquinas’ use of imagination and how they ought to be understood and translated.

Rohdes Psyche: the cult of Souls

A complete chapter of this work, provided as a footnote for the Gift of Tongues Project, is provided. This is a genuine classic on the history of Greek philosophy through many epochs.


The Genealogy of Christ and Other Problems Part 1

A summary account of Jesus’ family: His last name, siblings names, and the textual history surrounding it.

The Genealogy of Christ and Other Problems Part 2

A translation, history and comparative look between two manuscripts on the family of Christ.

Contemporary Christian issues

History according to Pentecostals and Charismatics.

The narrow view of Charismatics, Pentecostals, and Third Wavers of history.

Charismatics, Headaches and Healings

How the public practice of faith healing hurts more than helps the Christian brand. The solution is to work with the faith framework already designed in the thirteenth-century by Thomas Aquinas. A christian mystic himself who lived in a very mystical world. His ideas of defining miracles and their governance has yet to be surpassed by the most intellectual charismatic or pentecostal leaders today.

Technology with a special focus on multi-lingual web work

Language Test

An old article before Google Fonts came out and has not been tested and updated since. It outlined and tested using the @font solution for automatically rendering foreign fonts on the fly without the user having to download any special font .

Notes on Ancient Greek copy and this Website

There are copious amounts of ancient Greek keyed in by me on this site. This is a disclaimer.

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