Translation Aids

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1. Translation Aids for Ancient Greek
2. Translation Aids for Jewish Literature
3. Translation Aids for Latin

3 thoughts on “Translation Aids”

  1. Dear Mr. Sullivan:

    I recently came across to your wonderful website and, well, I would like to thank you for such a display of useful resources regarding our shared academic interests. Currently I am devouring both sections and posts, since I have found in your work a great asset in my approaching to the texts.

    I encourage you to go through with it and, needless to say, if anytime you want me to include some of your thoughts, essays or papers in Studia Hermetica Journal, you will be very welcome.

    Warm regards from Spain,

    Iván Elvira.

  2. What a great resource! Have you ever considered a “Wine in the Bible Project” that would pattern itself after the Gift of Tongues Project?

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