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Articles covering problems in the Middle East from a contemporary *evangelical* perspective.

The Alliance Between Israel and Evangelicals.

This article documents the growing financial relationship between Israel and Evangelicals. The results will surprise most readers.

Pentecostals and Israel

One of the most read articles on this website. A journey into the deep relationship between Israel and Pentecostals. It also provides a brief look at the tensions and reasons behind this alliance.

My Journey out of Christian Zionism

This article is a personal one. It is the focus on my own journey to Israel as a student at the Hebrew University. The article documents my shift away from Christian Zionism and finding a more balanced perspective.

Is Middle East News Coverage Balanced?

In the Middle East the media is part of the war effort. A short reminder and example on why readers on Middle East affairs must be very cautious about whatever is being published.

Book Review: My Promised Land by Ari Shavit.

A background history of Palestinian-Israeli relations from an Israeli perspective.

Book Review: The Great War for Civilisation by Robert Fisk.

A must read book for anyone interested in Middle East affairs.

Charles Sullivan is a researcher and writer who is perpetually curious about the history of ideas and concepts. He is an avid reader of Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic texts; intrigued on the connections between the Christian and the supernatural, and issues where faith and society intersect.