Latin resources

Latin is the major door to the realm of Christian literature from the most ancient times until almost now. This language has shaped the Western Christian mind and its impressions are clearly evident on the English Bible.

The following are helpful sites with an emphasis on free or open source. These sites have also existed for a long period of time. For whatever reason, many sites on the Latin language come and go.


William Whitaker’s Words

A quick, no nonsense, Latin-English word search tool. It contains 90% of the words you are looking for.


This site has many Latin dictionaries to choose from.


The search is quick but the results are limited. My preference is Whitaker’s Words but that may be a personal bias.

Dico Latin

This used to be partially free and have open access. Today a subscription is required. Searches produced better than average results. The interface is really helpful and combines both lemma and meaning in its searches.

Dictionnaire Latin–Fran├žais

A handy dictionary for hard to find words.


Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

A digitized version that can help you with Latin grammar.

New Latin Grammar

By Charles E. Bennett. My personal choice of grammars. This is the one I used for learning and consulting Latin early on.

Wheelocks Latin

If you want to learn Latin, this is a typical place to start. It is inexpensive relative to the typical costs of textbooks.


Patrologia Latina Database

This site is an entire digitized copy of Migne Patrologia Latina: a compendium of church writings from 200 to 1216 AD. A major timesaver. A subscription is required. Best to access through a university library portal.

Perseus Greek and Roman Materials

Perseus has a wide selection of Latin texts throughout the centuries to choose from.


The Latin Bible with a parallel English text. Fast, easy to use, but a good search function lacking.

It is an OK site but it is not designed for research or analytics.

The Clementine Vulgate

Great search engine. Latin only

The Unbound Bible

You can compare two Latin versions against each other, plus almost any other language or text. Great for comparative analysis.

Tips on reading Latin:

Latin and the Subjunctive

The subjunctive is on of the most difficult aspects of the Latin language to learn. This post is a little guide on how to approach it.

The Mysterious Latin Gerundive

The gerundive is a Latin form that is not always understood or consistently translated into English. This post goes over the various options the English translator has when encountering this.


If you have sites to recommend, especially those that are free or open source. Let me know.