Hebrew, Aramaic and more

A small section on Hebrew and Aramaic, especially relating to reading the Talmud. A helpful connection to Near Eastern languages too.

Reader Tools

A Grammar for Gemara and Targum Onkelos

A review of this must-have book for anyone wishing to read or translate the Talmud.

Attempts on Translating Rashi and Jewish Aramaic

Tools and Methods to translate Rashi

Existing English Translations of Rashi

A brief survey of where to find comprehensive English translations of Rashi’s works

Notes for Learning Ancient Hebrew

Why learning modern Hebrew is the best place for the beginner to enter into the world of ancient Jewish literature.

Downloadable Lexical Aids an More

This short article points the reader to the website which is the nexus of all ancient dictionaries and grammars. Near-Eastern ones too.

A History of Chapters and Verses in the Hebrew Bible

The complex story on the present chapter and numbering system of the Hebrew Bible.