Intro and Summaries

The Purpose of the Gift of Tongues Project:

Graphic showing the 4 purposes of the GOT Project

  1. Locate source literature on the subject
  2. digitize the original texts
  3. translate into English with critical notes
  4. trace the perception of tongues in the church from inception until modern times.

Introduction and Summaries

A woman full of questions

Speaking in tongues quiz

How much do you know about speaking in tongues? Take this quiz and find out.

Graphic introducing the Gift of Tongues Project.

Introductory Notes to the Gift of Tongues Project

The nature and purpose behind the Gift of Tongues Project and its methodology.

Graphic representing the impact of Pentecostalism on the modern definition of tongues

The Worldwide impact of the Pentecostal movement and speaking in tongues

This article shows how Renewalism (Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Third-Wavers) is the fastest growing movement in Christianity. This widespread influence requires more careful attention to their tongues doctrine.

A sample portion of the Catholic tongues infographic

A Catholic History of Tongues: 30 to 1748 AD.

Early, Medieval and pre-Reformation Christianity is full of references to tongues speaking or doctrinal addresses about Pentecost. See the infographic for more information.

A History of Unknown Tongues in the English Bible

The term unknown tongues is an English Bible tradition that traces back to the Reformation. See the infographic on how this transpired.

A graphic showing historical portraits of the cessationist doctrine through the centuries

Cessationism, Miracles, and Tongues Infographic

Theologians and thinkers throughout history have vacillated on the idea that miracles, including tongues, have ceased. This infographic follows the theory throughout its courses.

The Tongues of Corinth web-interactive

The emphasis is the connection of speaking in tongues with the ancient Jewish liturgy and the later evolution of this function in the Church. Note: it takes a long time to load. Best viewed on a desktop computer.

Graphic showing contrast between language and tongues

Language or Tongues? The semantic battleground

Struggling with the terms language and tongues and which one is the most suitable to use for the Gift of Tongues Project

A snippet of the 7 Facts web article

7 Facts about Speaking in Tongues

The results so far. A short, snappy, 7 pointer.

Cartoon man shouting a loud noise

The Renewalist Response to the Gift of Tongues Project

The various responses and lack thereof, by the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third Wave Communities to the GOT Project.

Graphic says more as in more to come but not done yet.

Glossolalia and Pentecostal Tongues Infographics

These are on the radar but have not been started.

Sources that help you decide for yourself

All the data you will need to make an informed choice on the subject.

The GOT Project collects and digitizes source content in both the original languages and English translations. You can decide for yourself.