Fixing Life with a Magic Wand

Imagining what life would be like with a magic wand, and dealing with life without one.

It would be used for the broken young man who had to lay down the flower on his wife’s coffin, and couldn’t, because it just wasn’t fair. I would have liked to have walked up, waved my wand, and brought her back to life.

And for the woman who randomly stopped me on the sidewalk and asked me if the mail had come yet.

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Closing the Gift of Tongues Project

The Gift of Tongues Project is drawing to a close, and now all that is left is to publish the results in a narrative form. There is certainly much more content that can and will be catalogued in the future, but there is more than enough information for readers to develop a comprehensive conclusion.

It has been a wonderful adventure of finding, collating, translating, and analyzing texts that so far have never made it, or least have been popularly been

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