Conservatives and the Evangelical Vote

Why Conservatives are still in the race for Governing Canada even though all the facts are against them. It is the Evangelical grass-roots support that gives them the advantage.

Many Evangelicals side with Stephan Harper and the Conservative party because it is the only one that potentially represents their values. However, although religious representation does exist in the Party, the Conservative psyche hardly promotes or defends these constituents core values. This behaviour is still better than the NDP and the Liberals who have shown open hostility to the Evangelical movement. The Evangelical movement in Canada is a large voting block, arguably between one to four million Canadians.

This does not mean all Evangelicals side with the Conservatives but it is safe to say that a large percentage do. Harper realizes, as Davies notes in his Guardian article, Stephen Harper: the Master Manipulator, this constituency has no voting alternative. I am no statistician, but this appears to be a large advantage. If one combines those voters who are staunch Conservatives without a religious affiliation, the lowest base that the Conservatives could achieve in voting is around 24 percent. This leverage means they only need to sway an additional 10 to 15 percent of the populace to return to power. The Conservative strategy to get the extra percentage is to target those who are concerned about security and to a lesser degree economic issues. Although it is clear to most Canadians that the level of secrecy the Government has conducted itself in, the revelations of major misdeeds within its tenure, and how the severe autocratic control of the Prime Minister’s office undermines democracy, the Conservative formula for success still works.

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