Tongues of Corinth teaser

A sample of an interactive web series on the tongues of Corinth from a Jewish perspective.

This is only a screen shot of the interactive web page in development. Because of this, the rollovers and information links won’t work. The graphic shows the first tab. The second and third tabs are still a work in progress.

tongues of Corinth from a Jewish perspective

Please note: the previously published articles on the tongues of Corinth available at the Gift of Tongues Project are going to be phased out and completely replaced by new ones. The information will not change, but the new articles will align with the structure supplied in this interactive web page.

Your feedback would greatly be appreciated on the layout, design, and information.

Charles Sullivan is a researcher and writer on topics of textual criticism, linguistics, theology, Christian mysticism and philosophy. He also frequently likes to delve into contemporary social and ethical issues from a faith perspective.

One thought on “Tongues of Corinth teaser

  1. Before I became a theologian, I was trained as an advertising copywriter under a maestro, Vic Clapham (whose father by the same name started the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa). I learnt that one has to communicate information is small digestible pieces – which is the structure of your website – excellent! The fine print at the bottom should preferable not be smaller than 10 point. Looking forward very much, with gratitude, to further developments of the website!

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